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CoFounder & President

Hello all! My name is Alexis Wangler, but I really prefer Lexi. I am 31 years old & work as a rural mail carrier in my hometown, Linton, ND. My husband & I have three beautiful, bright girls ages 6 & under and are expecting our fourth baby girl in November. Life sure can get busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. If I’m being honest, the work that we are doing here at Health Freedom North Dakota is something that I would never have imagined for myself. I truly believe I was guided by God to start this nonprofit & create this community of freedom-loving North Dakotans. I was very much a strong believer in western medicine, but because I was so sensitive to medications at a younger age, my mama directed & encouraged me to take a more holistic approach to health & wellness. It wasn’t until I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child that my husband & I really dug deeper. A friend had encouraged me to watch a documentary series regarding health freedom. That series was the catalyst to becoming a health freedom advocate & activist. I have found my passion, and I am so very grateful for all the love & support I have received along the way. We wouldn’t be HFND if not for you, so thank YOU!

Kristi Anderson

Vice President

My name is Kristi Anderson. I was born and raised in Valley City. I’ve been married to my husband for 32 years. We love to spend time outside, boating, sports events and with family doing all of the above. I’m a proud mother of two children and grandma to my sweet granddaughter.

I, like others, became aware of the fact that big pharma has its claws firmly imbedded in the pockets of the government. We have been lied to, and we need to fight back. I love being a health coach because it allows me to dive into natural therapies & modalities that help people without the need of prescription drugs & shots. I strongly believe that We the People need to band together to keep our freedom!!



I have been a resident of ND all of my life. Health freedom became important to me when I became a mom of two children. After learning how intertwined the pharmaceutical industry, mainstream medical and health departments, I became aware of how important it is for the freedom to choose. Watching other states lose, not just the right to choose, but also discrimination within those losses, I made a mission to keep fighting for rights.


Merchandise Coordinator

Hi, my name is Kari Roller. I am a homeschool mom to three children. I have worked in the medical industry since I was 16 years old seven years as a clinical nurse. I helped start up a vaccine clinic within the clinic I worked at. My children faced issues nobody could give me answers for, so I did what every other mama bear would do, and I started researching.


Advisory Council member

In 2011, after finding out about my first pregnancy, I began to look into natural alternatives for just about every aspect of parenting: home birth, cloth diapers, natural remedies, homemade non-toxic products, and nutrition/clean eating. I had always been somewhat aware of healthcare alternatives, but the subject didn’t become important to me until after I became a wife and a mom. Now with 4 children (including 3 home births), ages 9,7,5, and 4, I am passionate about educating others on how they can lead healthy lifestyles and can confidently make their own choices for themselves and their children. I believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach, and that all people possess the God-given right to pursue health in whatever manner they decide is best.


Advisory Council member

I didn’t think to question conventional medical advice until my husband and I desired to start a family. My lifelong dream was motherhood. Allergies, illness, skin & digestive issues were common and normalized. I had no idea the multiple pharmaceutical drugs I had been prescribed were actually the root cause of my ailments. Worse, they had wrecked my fertility & hurt my chances of becoming a mom. Determined to heal my body from the pharmaceutical destruction, we dove into researching holistic types of healthcare that allow the body to heal & repair itself.  My journey has led to discovering corruption in the pharmaceutical & vaccine industries. I am honored to link arms with other health freedom fighters who ask questions & know that true informed consent matters.


Public Relations Correspondent

I’m Heather Brostrom. I was born and raised in Hazen, N.D., but have resided in Bismarck for 27 years. I’ve been married for 27 years, to my college sweetheart.  God blessed us with two sons. One is a senior in high school and the other, a senior in college. I was a stay at home Mom for over 10 years, have been a daycare provider, as well as dabbled in some home based businesses. I love to decorate and listen to podcasts, in my spare time. My summers are spent at Lake Sakakawea, enjoying quality family time. I became passionate about health freedom over the last legislative session. I sent many emails to my Representatives, sat in the balcony to observe floor sessions and participated in rallies. I was a regular presence at the Capitol, as I linked arms with other like-minded individuals. We appealed to our legislators to introduce guardrail legislation as it pertained to vaccine passports, masking and mandates.  Had those bills passed, perhaps much of what we’re currently experiencing, could have been prevented. I believe that all medically related decisions should be left up to the individual  – as opposed to them being dictated to us by the government, businesses or employers. I’m proud to play a small role in Health Freedom of N.D.’s mission. My sons are my “why,” and I will continue to stand up and speak out, so that they will have a hope and a future.

Lisa Pulkrabek


Hello, my name is Lisa. My husband and I live with the three youngest of our six children a few miles outside of Mandan. I have just recently joined HFND as the secretary in January of 2023. Professionally I have been working for a local jury research company for the last five years. For many years previous to that I have been a stay at home mom, a nanny and a restaurant server. In my free time, I enjoy reading, organic gardening and learning about natural health and how we can use food as medicine to stay healthy and take the least amount of pharmaceuticals as possible. Having taken care of many children over the years, I know that everyone is different. I learned that there is no “one size fits all” cure or relief to any ailment. What works for one person may not work for the next. This is even true with people in the same family. This is precisely why the freedom to choose one’s own health treatments, medicines and procedures is so important to me. I believe that we need to preserve the God given right of bodily autonomy so that we determine what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our minor children. I believe that educating one’s self is the key to making the best decisions in life. Once we know better, we can do better.

Lyndsey Jensen

Public Relations Correspondent

I am mother to four young children, ranging in age from 6 to 13 years old; and wife to my husband, originally from North Dakota, for 17 years. While we met and started our life together in Washington state, my husband and I moved our family out to Bismarck, ND in the summer of 2020. After spending months in a statewide shutdown, we found solace in North Dakota! We appreciate North Dakota for its widespread neighborly kindness, family values, and love of freedom. I became active in advocating for health freedom in the fall of 2021, standing alongside medical practitioners and federal workers peacefully protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Through that wonderful grassroots movement, I came to know of and become a part of Health Freedom ND. I feel blessed to call North Dakota my home and to stand with you for health freedom!

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